ADA Compliant Showers Designed With Your Safety in Mind

blogpicAqua Bath has been a family owned and operated company since 1993. We specialize in a variety of specific needs walk-in tub/showers for the healthcare industry, retirement/assisted living communities and individual home use. Between our sales staff, engineering department and supervisors, we have more than 150 years experience building acrylic tubs and showers, all made in the USA.

Aqua Bath is the perfect solution to a common problem. As people get older, they begin having problems with normal activities. One of the everyday activities we take for granted is taking a shower or a bath. For the elderly and handicapped, taking a shower or bath can be very difficult. Luckily, we’ve designed a shower that replaces your old bathtub. We’ve made bathing easy again! Read More


Our ADA Compliant Products Provide:

• Barrier Free Entry Showers
• Acrylic & Nonporous Bath Fixtures
• Three Piece Surround Tub Enclosures
• Low Threshold for Easy Accessibility
• Grab Bars for Safety
• Removable, Fold-Up Seat for Comfort
• Side Controls for Ease of Operation