8. IS4136BF

Accessible Series (Non ADA Compliant)
Model#: IS4136BF Barrier Free Shower 2″ or 3⁄4″ With Molded-In Seat

installationAqua Bath’s Easy Access Low Entry Shower is molded from a single sheet of Lucite® cast acrylic without any joints or seams. The advantages of this one-piece construction is greater rigidity, lessens pre-installation damage, cuts costly maintenance and best of all, there isn’t places for mold to grow.

The enclosure inside dimensions are 36″ wide x 39″ deep x 80″ height. The outside dimensions are 43″ wide x 37″ deep x 82 3/4″ height. The unit should have a backside flame spread of less than 30 (class B). A soap tray is molded in the corner 28″ above the floor. The unit is formed with a patented recessed trench system that directs water to center drain. The approximate weight of the unit is 230 pounds.

Meets ANSI Z124.2 and is designed to meet NAHB (National Association of Home Builders). This shower is not ADA Compliant. See our products for ADA Compliant tub and shower units.


Fold-Up Shower Seat:
• Factory Installed Fold-Up Seat
• Factory Installed Convertible Fold-Up Seat
• Factory Installed Removable Fold-Up Seat
Fold-Up Seat Adds 3/4″ to Outside Width

• Hand-Held Shower Set
• 24″ or 30″ Slide Bar
• Pressure Balance or Thermostatic Control Valve
• Antibacterial Shower Curtain With Hooks
• Antibacterial Weighted Shower Curtain With Hooks
• Seat Belt
• Dial Thermometer
• ASTM F462 Non-Slip Bottom
• Factory Drilled For Dome Light (Shipped Separately)

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