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We Specialize in Custom Tub/Shower Units That Meet Your Specific Goals

Aqua Bath's experience allows us the flexibility to change the location of the drain, seat or soap dish and to customize the width and depth of the unit to fit a specified area. Our state-of-the-art shower provides a removable, fold up seat for comfortable bathing, side controls for ease of operation, a fitted curtain for water retention, a three-piece surround system that makes installation easy and a look that will enhance any bathroom. Larger showers will accommodate a wheelchair or shower chair. Below is just a sampling of our product line. Showers/Tubs Price List

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Aqua Bath's Tub/Showers Are Designed For:


VA hospitals
Nursing Homes
Rehabilitation Centers
Hotels, Motels
Residential Applications

Cast Acrylic Benefits:

Cast acrylic is a durable, non porous material for bathtubs and showers. This high performance solid surface is highly resistant to soap scum, mildew and stains, making it easy to clean and maintain, plus it absorbs impacts that could chip other materials.

Why Acrylic:

Strength & Durability
Ease of Cleaning
Warm to The Touch
Low Maintenance
Color All The Way Through
Slip Resistant
Acrylic vs. Gel-Coat Fiberglass


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Care Series (ADA Compliant)

C 4136BF FUS 3/4" Transfer Shower Stall

Barrier Free Transfer Shower 2" or 3⁄4" With Fold-Up Seat

C 6536BF FUS 3/4" 60" x 36" Interior

Barrier Free Transfer Shower 2" or 3⁄4" With Fold-Up Seat

C 6032 TS With Seat Option

Tub Shower With 18" Dam

IS 4836BF OT 2

C6536BF-OT (Open Top Unit)
Barrier Free Roll-In Shower 2" or 3⁄4" With Out Seat

Accessible Series (Non ADA Compliant)

IS 4836BF

Open Top Roll-In Shower

IS 3336SH Space Saving Corner Shower

Corner/Neo-Angle Shower With 5" Threshold

IS 3639SH Space Saving Corner Shower

Corner/Neo-Angle Shower With 5" Threshold

IS 4136BFMS 3/4" Easy Access Low Entry Shower

Barrier Free Shower 2" or 3⁄4" With Molded-In Seat

IS 6030SH MOD 4 Low Threshold Shower

Shower With 7 3/4" or 4" Threshold

IS 4136SH 04"

Shower With 7 3⁄4" or 4" Threshold

Tubs & Showers

1668 0026

Tub/Shower With 18" Dam
(60" x 31" x 84")

AB 4834 SH

Shower With 7 3/4" or 4" Threshold (48" x 34" x 84")

AB 6031 34 TS

Tub/Shower With 18" Dam
(60" x 34" x 84")

Specialty Models, Shower Pans & Bases

Bariatric Shower Base

1 3/4" Threshold, Special Fold-Up Seat & Center Drain Location

Pediatric Tub/Shower

Pediatric Tub/Shower

Psychiatric ADA Shower

Psychiatric Shower

Shower Bases

Shower Base


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