ADA Compliant

ADA (Americans with Disability Act)

The ADA is a federal civil rights law. At Aqua Bath we have carefully studied Section 4: Accessible Elements and Spaces: Scope and Technical Requirements, of the ADA which pertains to the design of a tub/shower unit.  Aqua Bath units are designed and manufactured to meet these specifications.

The ADA is very specific about the curb/threshold requirements for a barrier-free shower unit in 4.21.7. Consequently, there will most likely be problems with water on the floor in front of the unit by virtue of the fact that the units must be barrier-free. Special designs have been added to assist with this problem.

Variables such as poor or limited drainage, water pressure, and the size of the person using the unit can even elevate the issues of water on the floor. While Aqua Bath has attempted to address these issues and does offer such options as the continuously weighted shower curtain, the water retention strip and the trench drain system, the architect or engineer may want to consider the installation of a floor drain in front of the shower. Aqua Bath are the source for handicapped bathroom showers, and walk in shower with seat.

Code Compliancy

adaAqua Bath tub/shower units are designed to be ADA compliant. However, some state and local codes may EXCEED the ADA requirements. Always check local and state codes for location of valve shower heads and other optional variances which may exceed ADA but must, at a minimum, comply with the ADA.

Aqua Bath will help you meet the specific local and state compliancy issues in many cases by modifying one of our ADA units. Call Aqua Bath at 1.800.232.2284 for assistance.