Care Series (ADA Compliant)

We Specialize in Custom Tub/Shower Units That Meet Your Specific Goals.

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Aqua Bath's experience allows us the flexibility to change the location of the drain, seat or soap dish and to customize the width and depth of the unit to fit a specified area. Our state-of-the-art shower provides for comfortable bathing. Larger showers will accommodate a wheelchair or shower chair. Below is just a sampling of our product line. 

C 6536BF FUS 3/4" Transfer Shower Stall

36"x 36" Barrier Free
Barrier Free Transfer Shower 2" (Pit Install) or 3⁄4" (Top of Slab) With Fold-Up Seat

60"x 30", 36" or 48" Depth
C6536BF-FUS shown
Barrier Free Roll-in Shower 2"(Pit Install) or 3⁄4"(Top of Slab)

C 6032 TS With Seat Option

Tub Shower With 18" Dam

Specialty Models, Shower Pans & Bases

Bariatric Shower Base

1 3/4" Threshold, Special Fold-Up Seat & Center Drain Location

Pediatric Tub/Shower

Pediatric Tub/Shower

Psychiatric Shower

Shower Bases

Shower Base


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